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Our History

     Agape Boutique is a Penang, Malaysia based online boutique offering a wide range of woman's footwear, clothing, beauty products, and accessories. Agape Boutique was founded in 2010 with a simple belief that every woman deserves to be dressed up like a star. 

     The company initially began with selling hand-picked fashion clothes from overseas. After years of hard work and with the support of our customers, Agape Boutique branched out to be one of the most popular online boutiques in Malaysia.

     In view of less selection and price restrictions on the retail industry, Agape Boutique’s merchandise gradually expanded from classic fashion cloth, footwear to its OWN BRAND of high street fashion clothes, accessories, and wedding series high heels which was designed & produced solely by Agape Boutique.

     The company continues to grow and hope to become one of the leading online store in Malaysia.

Our Team

     Agape Boutique, Malaysia was founded by a pair of couple - Gideon & Sarah, our humble journey started in 2010 with a bag of hand-picked clothes & shoes from overseas and a meager bank account. We are determined that hard work could eventually bring us success.

     We believe that fashion and comfort do not necessarily entail high cost or even the need to walk into a retail shop, but instead in the ease of technology with just a click on your hand!  We continue to dream and hope that one day we will be the leading online store throughout Asia. 

Our Products

At Agape Boutique, every single product must meet our strict requirements of comfort, quality, and affordability. When you purchase from Agape Boutique, you can be sure you will receive a high-quality fashionable product that will keep you satisfied for a long time. 

Quality is our highest priority when it comes to selecting our products. Each self-manufactured and self-designed shoes, bags and even our beauty products are all carefully screened to make sure there are no tears or any other defects before putting it up for sale. We make sure there are no discoloration, malformed shaped, overstretched fabric, tear and many more so that you will never be disappointed when it arrives at your doorstep.